Past Successes

What is Drownproofing?
     The term “drownproofing” came from an old Navy survival swimming program. However, it is now more aptly called water safety instruction. The program teaches safety both in and near the water, including personal safety skills to help get out of danger, the use of personal flotation devices, non-swimming rescues, and cold water survival. Most people have a small amount of positive buoyancy that will enable them to float, but not enough to keep all of their head out of the water.  However, if they only lift the mouth and nose above the surface when necessary to breathe, it is possible to survive indefinitely with minimal expenditure of energy.

Is becoming Drownproof difficult?

     It is very easy to become drown proof, as it only takes a couple of sessions in the pool. Having mastered the basic technique, it is easy to learn to move about and make steady, effortless progress through the water.

Is Everyone a Natural Floater? 

     No, a small proportion of people have negative buoyancy, the ability to float. As a general rule, women are more buoyant than men, and tend to become more buoyant as they age. Drownproofing doesn’t fit with the conventional lifesaving and swimming establishment. It is not an altruistic task. One can only take care of themselves, and there is no way to ensure anyone’s safety other than your own; you can only save yourself, and it isn’t a sport that can win medals or fame. It is difficult to convince people that staying afloat is easy; however, once they try it for themselves, until they have tried it for themselves and have sunk, will they see the importance of why it is actually life-saving.
Riverside Heroes Award

The City of Riverside Human Relations Commission will honor residents whose outstanding volunteer service has benefited the community at the Riverside Heroes Awards.

In 2013, nine outstanding Riversiders were honored with a Heroes award for impacting Riverside in a variety of ways. “The Riverside Heroes represent our community’s social capital,” Mayor Rusty Bailey said. “They have given selflessly of their time for the well-being of the community. By their efforts, they have enhanced and enriched Riverside. They are why Riverside is the best place to live, work, study, play and raise a family.”

Nominees for the award must be Riverside residents of any age whose volunteer activities have been performed in the City of Riverside and within the last year. The service work on which nominations are based must have been performed on a volunteer basis, without pay, and the volunteer activities must have benefited the community in some way. No elected officials, groups, or organizations may be nominated and self-nominations are ineligible for consideration
The 2014 Vivian Stancil Olympian Foundation Gala was a real success with celebrities and dignitaries and of course dozens of community leaders along with the most stimulating entertainment provided by Heart and Soul Troupe and Grupo Folklorico Maya. Here is a list of some of the personalities that attended the event:

Guest Speaker, Erich Nalls former NFL San Francisco 49er and Founder of Ultimate Transformations Training and author of “21 days to Ultimate Health and Wellness”
Master of Ceremonies, Athletic Director of RCC Derrick Johnson
City of Riverside Mayor Rusty Bailey
City of Riverside Councilmen Andy Melendez
Representatives from the Office of Assembly Member 61st District Jose Medina
Rose Mays of County of Riverside Fair Housing
Jennifer Blakely of “The Group”
Terri Akens Riverside Community Health Foundation

Uptown Kiwanis Club
Lezlie Bernal of Courageous Pathways
Police Commissioner, Mrs. Dale Roberts
Smile Seekers, Riverside
My Butterfly House, Inland Empire
Knit and Stitch Club, Inland Empire
Harold Ross
Grecian Williams, CPA
June  & Joe Nilan
And a host of family and friends from all over Southern California…

And a Special “Thank You” to The Canyon Crest Country Club, Lizzy Mae Cure,  Derrell Thomas of the Derrell Thomas Foundation, Canyon Crest Athletic Club, Harold Fournay Basketball Legend, The Spa at Canyon Crest, Angelica’s Florist and Gifts, Canyon Crest Winery, Riverside Community Parks Association, RDG Consultants, Not Just Bread Alone, Create Yours Truly, Pasadena Community Foundation, Sandra Stokley of the Press-Enterprise, Sam James Photography, James Dudley, Janet Green RCC Trustee, Rutha Eastland, Anne Peak, Virgil Chancy, Pastor Anthony Richardson and Family, Riverside County Regional Medical Foundation…

Vivian wishes to let you all who attended or supported this worth while cause to keep individuals healthy both young and old; is genuinely appreciated and cherished in her heart.

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